Salts & Spreads

From Canadian grown Sea Salt to Truffle Tapenade, this is a collection of our favourite things. When you are an avid foodie like we are, you start to find products you just love. The flavour, the quality, the taste experience they provide to you become a staple in your cooking. This collection is just a few of the goodies we have come across that we are proud to be able to share with you!

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Sea Salt by SaltWest

Sea Salt crafted on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Marmalade by The Bitter End

Classic or Single Malt Whisky Seville Marmalade.

Truffle Sauces by Preferisco

Choose from Truffle Cream or Sauce.

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Sea Salt Flakes by Maldon

2 styles of the world famous Maldon Salt Flakes.

Smoked Paprika de la Vera by 24k

Available in sweet or hot.

Juniper Salt Box Set by SaltWest

Handcrafted Juniper salt box with Canadian Sea Salt.

Fish Sauce by Red Boat

The perfect way to add umami to your dishes.

Smoked Paprika de la Vera by La Dalia

Choose from Sweet or Bittersweet.

Truffle Spreads by Augusto

Choose from Pesto or Black Truffle Tapenade.

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Sea Salt Gift Packs by SaltWest

Crafted Canadian Sea Salt in themed 3pks.