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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all account holders, users, customers and visitors (referred to as "you" below) of the Hot Chocolates website accessible at http://www.hotchocolates.com.

You agree to this Policy by displaying, using or accessing the Hot Chocolates Website, by placing an on-line order for any product or service provided by Hot Chocolates, by submitting any information or other material to the Hot Chocolates Website, or by allowing or authorizing any person to do any of the same on your behalf or for your benefit. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use, or authorize another on your behalf to use, the Hot Chocolates Website or any such services or features. Questions and concerns regarding this Policy should be directed by e-mail to comments@hotchocolates.ca

Hot Chocolates respects your privacy. Any information you give us is held with care and security, and will only be used as described in this Policy or otherwise with your consent.

Registration and Information Collected
In order to place an order on the Hot Chocolates Website, you may be required to complete one or several forms. You may be asked to give your name, a contact telephone number, your postal address, delivery address, e-mail address, and other contact or pertinent information. Hot Chocolates may also ask for other information required to provide a particular service, such as your business name, name and delivery address of someone receiving a gift you would like to order, and other relevant information. Information may also be collected by your presence on the Hot Chocolates Website, even if you have not purchased anything.

Generally, this information falls into one of four categories: (1) "Personal Information," such as your name and e-mail address, which can be used to personally identify or contact you, (2) "Billing Information," such as your credit card information, which is a subset of Personal Information and which we may use to bill you for an order or a service you have knowingly purchased, (3) "Usage Information" such as your IP address, click patterns on the Hot Chocolates Website, ordering and product consumption patterns, opinions, reviews or other matter you have posted or submitted, and other information indicative of your purchase patterns and use of the Hot Chocolates Website, and (4) "Anonymous Information" which is extracted from Personal Information and Usage Information and then aggregated across users to determine the demographics, habits, preferences, or statistical characteristics of the Hot Chocolates Website users, but which cannot be used to identify you or your specific usage history.

How Each Type of Information Is Used
Hot Chocolates will use your Personal Information as follows: (1) to promote to you Hot Chocolates products(including contacting you by e-mail and sending you product catalogs via postal mail) provided that you may opt-out of receiving promotions from us through various mechanisms we provide; (2) for other internal or administrative purposes consistent with our mission of providing our users with the highest quality experience in a secure manner, including contacting you about critical updates to the Hot Chocolates Website or the products or services you purchase or use.

We will use your Billing and Usage Information, as applicable, to bill you for your orders of Hot Chocolates products and for any Hot Chocolate Website services which you knowingly purchase, and to provide you with technical and billing support.

We will use Anonymous Information to optimize our marketing and product development efforts (such as keyword advertising purchases and search engine optimization), to determine the success of our marketing campaigns, to provide anonymous demographic information to sponsors, advertisers and partners, and other relevant commercial purposes which do not identify you individually.

Hot Chocolates may use third party providers and subcontractors to process your orders, to support features and services offered on the Hot Chocolates Website, and for internal, administrative, and tracking purposes. Service through these providers may necessarily include providing them with some or all of your Personal Information, Billing Information (for credit card processing, collections, and related matters), but we will use diligent efforts to restrict use of this Information by these third parties to the specific purpose for which the third party has been engaged. Additionally, Hot Chocolates may share your Information with parents and affiliates under its control or common control, subject to the same restrictions described in this Policy.

In addition, Hot Chocolates specifically reserves the right, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to use or disclose any Information (a) for the purposes of enforcing our use policies and the like or (b) when requested by law enforcement agencies (whether or not under subpoena), if we reasonably suspect a violation of our user agreements or use policies or any applicable law.

Security: How Information is Stored
Hot Chocolates has used reasonable efforts to put in place appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of user data under our control. For example, we use appropriate encryption for payment card transactions if and when we bill you for a product or service, and we impose strict rules on Hot Chocolates employees who have access either to the databases that store member or user information or to the servers that host our services. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we make diligent efforts to prevent such unfortunate occurrences. We will not permanently store your credit card or other payment information (if applicable) unless you knowingly consent to such storage and unless we have implemented appropriate PCI (payment card industry) compliant measures to do so.

Billing Information may also be stored by our payment card processors and be subject only to our limited control. For example, our current credit card gateway partner is Beanstream.com, and they store billing information on their secure servers and protect it via proprietary methods. Click here to read their privacy policy:


Please note that information or data (including Usage Information), other than Billing Information, cannot practicably be stored in a manner which is PCI or HIPAA (healthcare patient confidentiality and security) compliant. Accordingly, other than the Billing Information which we specifically request, we do not recommend that you post, upload, provide, or store any sensitive financial, payment, or personal information, and we cannot be responsible in any manner if you do so.

Please help us out with our opt-out procedures by letting us know if you continue to receive promotional materials after you have opted out: we do our best to maintain the integrity of the opt-out information in our database, but occasionally, due to back-up procedures or other issues, have needed to take corrective efforts to be sure that all opt-out information is correct. We ask for your patience and welcome your feedback.

Use of "Cookies," Web Beacons, and Log Files
Hot Chocolates uses a feature of your Web browser called a "cookie" -- a file that your browser places on your computer's hard drive to uniquely identify your computer. Hot Chocolates creates and then uses cookies to to tell us whether you have previously visited the Hot Chocolates Website, to track your clicks through the website, and to help us determine whether you came to Hot Chocolates from a particular Internet link or advertisement. Cookies can also be used to save information on past usage of features and other preferences. Hot Chocolates does not and cannot use cookies to retrieve Personal Information about you from your computer unless such information was knowingly and willingly provided by you.

Some of our business partners, subcontractors, sponsors, and advertisers use cookies through the Hot Chocolates Website to track the success of our or their advertising and marketing efforts, which is standard practice for many of the websites you may visit. If you wish to restrict how cookies are placed on your computer, please check your browser settings, or check your browser's "Help" information for instructions on how to enhance the security of your browser or limit use of and access to cookies. Please note that your browser's security settings may disable some features or services on certain websites.

Similarly, Hot Chocolates, its advertisers, subcontractors, and other partners may also use "web beacons" (small image files which are used to track presence on web pages and surfing patterns) in a similar fashion to cookies, except that web beacons do not store any personal information on your computer. We may also use web beacons or similar technology to track clicks from our newsletters and the like.

Posted Information and Use of Community Features
Although it is probably obvious, to the extent you submit or post any content to the Hot Chocolates Website (or any material which by its nature appears to be intended to be published or posted) or participate in any interactive or community feature on the Hot Chocolates Website, all of the information contained in your submission or communications will likely become published public information on the Hot Chocolates Website and we will not have any control over the use of such information by users and third parties with access to that information. Hot Chocolates reserves the right to use all of such information at its discretion without restriction.

Other Events
Please note that all information and material collected or provided, in any manner and of whatever nature, may be transferred or assigned by Hot Chocolates in conjunction with a merger or the sale of all or a portion of the Hot Chocolates business (or similar event).

The Hot Chocolates Website and the functions and features we offer are not intended for use by children or minors. We ask that children and minors not use the website without their parents' guidance and only after their parents have fully reviewed the terms applicable to such use, including the contents of this Policy and the Terms and Conditions, and agreed to be bound thereby.

Modifications; Cancellation
Hot Chocolates reserves the right to reasonably modify this Policy at any time by publication on the Hot Chocolates Website, by notice through email, or by other reasonable notification means. All such modifications will be binding on all registrants and users. If you are concerned, please check back periodically to review the current Hot Chocolates Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree with any such changes, or if you no longer wish to be subject to this Policy, you may contact Hot Chocolates (see above and also the Terms and Conditions) to cancel your account, and upon complete payment of any amounts due and owing to Hot Chocolates (if applicable), Hot Chocolates will use diligent efforts to delete your Personal and Billing Information.

The terms contained in this Policy are subordinate to any contrary terms contained in any express user or membership agreement between a user and Hot Chocolates or to any express written agreement containing the signatures of authorized representatives of both parties.

Hot Chocolates liability from or arising out of this Policy or any breach thereof shall be, regardless of theory of liability or cause of action, limited to direct damages, shall not exceed $100.00 under any circumstance, and is also subject to any general limits of liability stated in the Hot Chocolates Terms and Conditions.

Copyright © 2010 Hot Chocolates and/or its suppliers, 368 5th Street, Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada V9N 1K1. All rights reserved.