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Terms and Conditions

Can I ship internationally?
We can ship internationally. We ship via Canada Post, and the cost can range from $38 to $120 to ship overseas depending on size, weight and mode of shipment. To ship in Canada or the US via the Canadian and American Postal System, the minimum shipping cost ranges again depending on size, weight. You should also be aware that we cannot guarantee any packages that we ship internationally, for instance if the package gets stuck in customs or melts in transit. Please call us at 1.866-HOT-CHOC for a shipping quote or to place an international order. Our chocolate experts may call you if they you have chosen a shipping method that needs to be upgraded to suit your order and destination. This could be a reality when exceptionally warm weather is an issue.

How soon will I get my order?
If you have chosen to get your local order delivered it may take up to three days. If you make your oder close to the end of the day it will likely not get out until the next day. If you order late on saturday, or sunday it will not get out until at least Monday. If you have any specific times or days when your order needs to be delivered you must let us know in the comments section of the form when ordering. If you have chosen the pick up option please wait until you receive an email from orders@hotchocolates.ca letting you know that your order is ready before going to get it. If you have chosen Canada Post, you will receive an email letting you know when your oder has been shipping and then it will take as many days as the shipping you have chosen will take.

Can I mix and match truffles?
Yes, you can create a custom assortment of truffles in a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 32, 42, 60 or 80-piece box by going to the Buy Online section of the website or by calling our Chocolate Experts at 1.866 HOT-CHOC Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5pm.

Where is my order/How to track a package
When you place your order on the website or by phone, if you provide an email address, you will receive an email on the evening that your package(s) ships out from our warehouse. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s) provided we are using Canada Post, which you can then use to track your package...here

Where are the truffles made?
We make the truffles here in our factory in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Our Corporate office, factory and warehouse are all located in the same building. This is where the action happens!

Are descriptions of the truffles included in the truffle boxes?
Yes, all of our truffle boxes have a map, which tells you which truffle you are eating

. Can you explain the shelf life of your products?
“Shelf life” refers to the length of time the product will remain fresh after you receive it. The truffle collection has a shelf life of 14 days. All Hot Chocolates truffles should be stored (double bagged) in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy. For the best tasting experience, bring truffles to room temperature in the bags before indulging.

Why is your chocolate so expensive?
We use the finest ingredients and the highest quality chocolate in all of our products. Many of our ingredients are exotic and have been researched carefully to ensure quality and freshness. In addition, we do not use any preservatives in our chocolate, only fresh cream, chocolate, and spices. Our products also require a great deal of care, which is also costly.

What if I want all dark or all milk chocolate?
If you would like to create a custom assortment, please go to the Buy Online section of the website and choose Milk or Dark from the drop down menu or call our Chocolate Experts at 1.866-HOT-CHOC. Keep in mind not every chocolate comes in both milk and dark.

Which truffles contain alcohol?
Champagne, Berry Quartet, Black Raspberry, Grand Marnier, Italian Lover, Amaretto, Blond Bombshell, Baileys, French Kiss, Coconut Rum

What makes these chocolates different than other truffles?
We use only fresh and natural ingredients without any preservatives and only the finest chocolate. We use exotic ingredients from all around the world in our truffles.

What are fresh cream truffles?
The ganache centers are made with fresh cream instead of oils or other preservatives.

How do they all look so perfectly shaped?
Our chocolatiers love the perfectly round, voluptuous shape of a truffle and take great pride in hand producing the truffle centers before we enrobe them in chocolate and top them.

What is your return policy?
If you are unsatisfied in any way with any of our products, please contact our customer service department and we will do anything we can to make your experience with Hot Chocolates a pleasant one!