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Choose Your Own Truffles

Custom pack a gift box with your favourite hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles.

From $5.60

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Cinnamon Roll

Enjoy a sweet roll worthy of the gods!

Classic Cheesecake

New York style cheesecake.

From $38.95

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Classic Danish

One of our most popular items!

Cocoa Bomb Duo

Mouth watering hot cocoa bomb duo set.

From $6.99

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Coffee Beans by Caffe Umbria

Choose from 5 signature blends.

Colombian Chocolate Double Fudge Brownie Mix

Chocolate fudge brownie mix with real Colombian chocolate chunks.

Colombian Roasted Cacao Nibs

Chocolate in it's purest form.

Congratulations Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate bar.

Congratulations Bar Oat Milk

Solid Colombian chocolate bar in Oat Milk

Congratulations Graduate Bar Oat Milk

Solid Colombian chocolate bar in Oat Milk

Courtenay Compost

Cereal squares, pretzels, nuts and house-made almond toffee in white chocolate.

Courtenay Sourdough

House sourdough with a rustic twist.

Crazy Hearts

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Crispy Sand Dollar

Colombian chocolate with crispy rice.

Crocs & Jelly Bellies

Solid Colombian chocolate, accompanied by Jelly Bellies.


Our melt in your mouth, all butter staple!

Dairy Free Square

A delicious dairy free treat!

Deluxe Cherry Selection

Boxed Kirsch & Black Forest Cherries in dark chocolate.

Deluxe Nut Bark

Assorted roasted nuts in Colombian milk chocolate.

From $9.00

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Dog Paw

Solid Colombian chocolate. 

Eagle Sucker

Solid Colombian milk chocolate, with white highlights.

Electric Guitar

Get ready to rock the perfect gift!

Espresso Bean Bar

Espresso bean-infused Colombian chocolate bar.

Espresso Beans

Choose from 3 types of coated Espresso beans!

From $3.99

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Farmers Multigrain Loaf

Whole grain sandwich loaf.

Fig & Walnut Boule

Calimyrna figs and roasted walnut boule.

Flip Flop Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Floral Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Flower Sucker

A treat to bring a smile to you face


Mediterranean-inspired flatbread with herbs & cheese.


6 Solid Colombian chocolate smiling Frogs.