Caramels & Creams

Handcrafted caramels, fudge, frogs and delicious soft-centred chocolates. Welcome to the collection of everything creamy and rich, smooth and luxurious! We create all of these products onsite, using premium ingredients and the exquisite flavours of Colombian chocolate.

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Sea Salt Caramel Selection

Gift boxed caramel with Colombian chocolate and sea salt.


Colombian chocolate shell with a creamy hazelnut centre.

Caramel Selection

Gift boxed Colombian chocolate dipped house-made caramels.


6 Solid Colombian chocolate smiling Frogs.


4 denominations available!

From $25.00

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One Pound of Assorted Fudge

Gift boxed pound of assorted house-made fudge.


Sold Out

B52 Square

B52 centre, dipped in Colombian chocolate.


Choose from Classic or Blackberry.

Peppermint Pattie

Creamy peppermint centre, wrapped in Colombian chocolate.

Strawberry Cream Sleeve

Creamy strawberry centre in a crisp Colombian chocolate shell.

Lemon Horse Sleeve

Lemon cream filled Colombian chocolate shells.

Dairy Free Square

A delicious dairy free treat!