Spring Celebrations

There is so much to celebrate this season!  From Mom & Dad to Grads and Dancers, here you will find a treat for everyone in your life, or better yet, why wait for a reason?

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Graduation Cap

Celebrate a graduate!

3D Filled Apple

The apple of our eye!

Graduation Bar

Celebrate their achievement!

Congratulations Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate bar.

Good Luck Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate bar.

Great Job Coin

Solid Colombian chocolate coin.

Great Job Medal

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Grad Coin

Solid Colombian chocolate with or without Jelly Bellies.

From $3.99

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A sweet sentiment for the dancer in your life.

Ballet Slipper Sucker

Congratulate your dancer, or your dance lover with a treat!

Dogwood & Jelly Bellies

BC's Official flower in Solid Colombian chocolate.


4 denominations available!

From $25.00

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