Gifts and Treats Under $10

The best gifts aren't always pricey. These thoughtful and tasty gifts under $10 are perfect for any occasion.

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Almond Butter Cup

Creamy Almond Butter in a chocolate shell.


This is not a drill! We really do have Wrenches.

Dog Paw

Solid Colombian chocolate. 


These critters are the perfect gift for any cat lover.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Cream Licorice

Just like a classic cream popsicle

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cream Licorice

Cream filled strawberry licorice

Van Isle Bar

Our signature bar!

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Chocolate Dipped Oreos

A trio of Oreos dipped in Colombian chocolate. 

Chocolate Dipped Licorice

Black or red licorice dipped in Colombian chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cuplet

Creamy peanut butter in a Colombian chocolate shell.

Vanilla Mint Truffle 2pk

Hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles with vanilla & mint. 

Chocolate Letters

Solid Colombian milk chocolate.

Gone Fishing Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate square bar.

Hockey Puck

Solid Colombian chocolate.


Solid Colombian chocolates.


Solid Colombian chocolate.

Holiday Frogs & Jelly Bellies

Solid Colombian chocolate with Jelly Bellies.

It's a Toque, Eh?

Solid Colombian chocolate with Jelly Bellies.

Frosty the Snowman

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Hammer & Coal

Solid Colombian chocolate and sweet rock candy.

Box of 4 Truffles

4 Hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles.

Box of 2 Truffles

2 Hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles.