Gifts and Treats Under $10

The best gifts aren't always pricey. These thoughtful and tasty gifts under $10 are perfect for any occasion.

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Almond Butter Cup

Creamy Almond Butter in a chocolate shell.


This is not a drill! We really do have Wrenches.

Dog Paw

Solid Colombian chocolate. 


These critters are the perfect gift for any cat lover.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Cream Licorice

Just like a classic cream popsicle

Chocolate Dipped Mango Pineapple Licorice

Chocolate Dipped Mango Pineapple Licorice.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cream Licorice

Cream filled strawberry licorice

Van Isle Bar

Our signature bar!

From $5.00

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Chocolate Dipped Oreos

A trio of Oreos dipped in Colombian chocolate. 

Chocolate Dipped Licorice

Black or red licorice dipped in Colombian chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cuplet

Creamy peanut butter in a Colombian chocolate shell.

Baby Lily

Solid Colombian chocolate with a single malt egg.

Chocolate Letters

Solid Colombian milk chocolate.

Gone Fishing Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate square bar.

Hockey Puck

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Caramel Fudge Eggs

Colombian chocolate, house-made caramel and fudge layers in Chocolate or Marshmallow.  Or skip the fudge and go with Peanut Butter Melty!

Dennis Hopper

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Bunny Eggspress

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Bouquet Bunny

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Easter Medal

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Cream Eggs

Colombian chocolate shell with a variety of centres.

From $4.50

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Filled 1/2 Eggs

Colombian chocolate solid half eggs with a variety of flavours.


Solid Colombian chocolates.

Floppity with Jelly Bellies

Solid Colombian chocolate rabbit with Jelly Belly's.

Flopsy Bunny Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Fancy Egg Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Bunny Treat Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Baby Bunny

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Petite Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate. The quintessential pick me up, brightly foiled!

Box of 4 Truffles

4 Hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles.

From $9.50

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Box of 2 Truffles

2 Hand-dipped Colombian chocolate truffles.

From $5.25

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