Handcrafted breads, using 100% certified organic Canadian flours, baked in a stone oven.

It’s simply how the world’s best baking has been done for years. All of our bread doughs are also egg, dairy and refined sugar-free, making them the perfect choice for those with dietary sensitivities. If however, you want to punch it up a notch, take a look at our loaves that have cheese and other additions in them.

Bread must be ordered by 12:00pm, 48hrs in advance. For Instore Pick Up and Delivery only. If you choose the Regular or Thin Sliced option, please pick up AFTER 11am to allow the bread to cool sufficiently.

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Farmers Multigrain Loaf

Whole grain sandwich loaf.

Sunny Honey Loaf

Light whole wheat loaf with oats, sunflower seeds and honey.

Whole Wheat Loaf

Canadian-grown whole wheat.

Courtenay Sourdough

House sourdough with a rustic twist.

House Levain

Sourdough and whole wheat blend.


A French Classic!

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Mediterranean-inspired flatbread with herbs & cheese.

Fig & Walnut Boule

Calimyrna figs and roasted walnut boule.

Olive & Thyme Loaf

Green olives with fresh thyme.

Provence Batard

Whole grain loaf with honey.

Spelt Bread

100% Organic Spelt flour.


House-made granola with seeds, almonds and dried fruits.

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4 denominations available!

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