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Some sweet, some savoury, something for everyone! Here you will find muffins, scones, croissants and of course...Cruffins!

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Bakery orders require 48hr advance ordering.

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Sweet Muffin

This delicious muffin has a light crumb with your choice of topping.

Apple Strudel

A slice of Yum!

Classic Danish

One of our most popular items!

Almond Ring Croissant

Buttery croissant twisted with frangipane.

Apple Poppy Seed Croissant

Croissant rolled with Apple Poppy Seed pastry filling.

Chocolate Croissant

Our pain au chocolat.


Our melt in your mouth, all butter staple!

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Croissant with Maple Ham & Cheddar Cheese.

Spinach & Feta Croissant

Croissant rolled with spinach & feta cheese.

Health Muffin

House made twist on the bran muffin.

Cinnamon Bun

Caramel sticky bun with pecans.


Part croissant, part muffin, completely delicious!

Apple Tart

A perfect combination of size, flavour, and texture.

Sweet Scone

Scone flavours will vary daily.

Savoury Scone

Scone flavours will vary daily.

Curried Meat Pie

A curry spiced ground pork and vegetable pie.


4 denominations available!

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Butter Tart

A tiny taste of winter.