Love is in the air and here at Hot Chocolates! Find the perfect gift to say I love you this Valentine's. From anatomically correct to customized message hearts, find something special for your special someone.

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Anatomical Heart

3 dimensional Colombian chocolate heart.

Aztec Heart

Aztec-inspired spiced solid Colombian chocolate.

Daisy Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Handle with Care

Solid Colombian chocolate.

To My Valentine Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Marzipan Heart

Colombian chocolate with marzipan centre.

Strawberry Marshmallow Heart

Colombian chocolate shell with strawberry flavoured marshmallow centre.

Chocolate Kiss

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Petite Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate. The quintessential pick me up, brightly foiled!

Floral Heart

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Big Teddy with Jellies

Solid Colombian chocolate with Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Valentine Sea Salt Caramel Sets

Colombian chocolate dipped house-made caramel, finished with pink himalayan salt.

Deluxe Cherry Selection

Boxed Kirsch & Black Forest Cherries in dark chocolate.

Crispy Heart Treat

Crispy rice cereal heart dipped in Colombian chocolate.

Cupid Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Polka Dot Heart Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate with single cinnamon heart.

Smooth Heart Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

To My Valentine Sucker

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Teddy Love

Solid Colombian chocolate and candy message heart.

Kiss a Prince

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Crazy Hearts

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Large Love Bar

Solid Colombian chocolate.

Swirl Heart Oat Milk

Dairy Free lovers rejoice!

Swirl Heart Crispy Almond Toffee

Colombian chocolate, almond toffee and crispy toasted rice.

Swirl Heart Berry Quartet

Our 4 Berry Blend for your Valentine.

Swirl Heart Strawberry

Chocolate and strawberries

Swirl Heart Strawberry Cream

Colombian white chocolate and strawberry cream.

Peanut Butter Heart Sleeves

Six milk chocolate heart shells, filled with creamy, smooth Peanut Butter Melty.

NSA Crazy Hearts

Solid Colombian chocolate sweetened with erythritol 

No Sugar Added Striped Heart

Solid milk or dark chocolate sweetened with erythritol.


4 denominations available!

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